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Manchester Pest Control

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Manchester Pest Control

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“Signed on with an annual pest control service with Ruva today. very affordable and targets so many pests. the technician was here same day and very prompt! great local company!”

-Breanna K

“Kate stopped by today and went to town when I told her my issues with the ants and spiders! Super friendly, ran me down everywhere and everything she did. Gave me another business card cause I lost mine and ready for all my questions!”

-Rebecca N

“The technician was very thorough and listened to all the problem areas we had in our house. It was great being able to point out the exact areas we have seen small ants while he also took a look to hit any additional spots he caught. Incredibly friendly and great value for the full year protection! Would recommend!”

-Francesca D

Manchester Pest Control

What kind of pests are common in Manchester?

Carpenter Ants



What are some environmental factors in Manchester that influence pest activity?

Temperature and humidity

Many pests thrive in warm, humid environments. In Manchester, the average summer temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average humidity level is 68%. These conditions are ideal for pests like wasps, ticks, and carpenter ants.

What other cities do you frequently service?

Our Promise To You

At Ruva, we protect your home 365 days a year against over 30+ types of pest invaders including ants, mice, wasps, cockroaches, spiders, ticks, and more. Our all seasons, guaranteed results coverage means that if pests come back in between regularly scheduled services, so do we. For free.


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